About us

Since 1991, Gestion JPM Management has grown quickly and successfully to its leading stature as a Service Company in the insolvency field. From an early focus primarily as an inventory Company, we now offer a full range of evaluations and other services related to the Bankruptcy field and for the private sector.
As an industry leader, in a field noted for tight deadlines necessitating a high level of expertise, our clients benefit from our know-how,speed of execution of our inventory reports and impartial evaluations.
A strong tradition of excellence, integrity and a solid reputation of reliability is the reason Gestion JPM Management caters to a prominent client base where one finds Trustees, financial institutions, lawyer firms and accountants.
Over the years our staff executed numerous mandates in varied business sectors. We are proud to fulfill all of our clients’ requests by providing, regardless the size, the same quality of service to all tasks.